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Junior Police Officer Fitness Program

September 8, 2020

Program Overview

The Roswell Police Department is offering a fun, interactive, and FREE fitness program designed to keep kids moving and thinking (at home) while learning about the importance of being a Community Helper.

Our eight-week program uses a two-fold approach to train our junior police officers. To physically train our junior police officers, we'll offer basic, bodyweight movements to increase strength, coordination, and physical ability. To mentally train them, we'll offer a weekly brainteaser or puzzle engineered to stimulate creative problem solving and/or critical thinking. 

How It Works, Physically

  • After event registration, participating kids (and big kids!) will receive a workout packet and equipment kit from our planning team. (This is why we need your address!)

  • Each Monday morning, our planning team will release a workout for participants to complete at home. All necessary equipment will be provided in the workout packet and equipment kit sent at program registration.

  • Each week, a video will be posted in which officers will explain the theme of the week's workout as well as demonstrate the movements for that week’s programming.

  • Participants will have from Monday morning to Friday evening at 8:00 PM to complete the workout.

  • Once workouts are completed, participants can log their results into the Competition Corner website to track their progress.

  • At the end of the program, participants will repeat the Physical Fitness Test from Introduction Week to measure their improvement as Junior Fitness Champions. 

  • Participants who log all eight workouts will be eligible for a participant certificate, program t-shirt, and Roswell Police Department goody bag.

Weekly Themes

Introduction PT Test

Strong Mind, Strong Heart

Help a Friend

Get Loud!

Speed Trap

Get in the Building!

Final Assessment

Bonus Week: (Virtual) Halloween Party!

Weekly Dates

Week One: Monday, September 7th - Friday, September 11th

Week Two: Monday, September 14th - Friday, September 18th

Week Three: Monday, September 21st - Friday, September 25

Week Four: Monday, September 28th - Friday, October 2nd

Week Five: Monday, October 5th - Friday, October 9th

Week Six: Monday, October 12th - Friday, October 16th

Week Seven: Monday, October 19th - Friday, October 23rd

Week Eight: Monday, October 26th - Friday, October 30th